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Why we redesigned the TORC system

The TORC system has come a long way since it evolved from the Jos system, which was first introduced twenty years ago.

Over those past two decades, along with our own extensive research, our contractors have been a valuable source of feedback and have helped the TORC become a highly-regarded piece of stone and masonry cleaning equipment.

The most recent feedback we received from our customers was for an electricity-free system, which allowed the operator to use the TORC to its full potential, but without the need for an onsite electrical supply. We took to the challenge with zeal as we pursued not just any old solution, but one which would allow us to be competitively priced.

How did we do it? A combination of an air-powered water pump and air cooler in a compact package, which we designed and built by ourselves rather than adapting existing technology. The TORC system is now plug-and-play – requiring the operator to simply connect it to their existing air compressor and water supply to make it more mobile!

This is not the only recent development we have made though: another suggestion was to reduce the length of the hose. Many felt the 25 metre version was a little too much, so we have shortened it to one of 15 metres, with the option for extensions if required.

We are more than happy with the result – having made positive and significant changes based on recommendations, and managing to reduce the cost considerably for the end user.

Our move to Draycott Business Park has also positively impacted the savings that can be made with the TORC. With the additional warehouse space we now have, we are able to store all our materials in-house – meaning we can monitor quality a lot more closely, and provide an improved service by offering mixed pallets. Another bonus is our new pricing system where, rather than building in delivery prices to the cost of a tonne, we determine the fairest price for the customer by working it out by postcode.

You can view more detailed information on our granulates by reading one of our earlier blogs.

We maintain our commitment of taking the TORC into the future to protect the past.