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DOFF Removes Barnacles and cleans boatsOne of our customers, JKE Services, used the DOFF System to get rid of some barnacles stuck to the bottom of the boat. For a tough job like this, the DOFF excelled. Using its low pressure steaming and the right technique, the barnacles were gently prised off of the boat with ease.

JKE Services is a frequent, long standing customer of ours that is Stonehealth DOFF and TORC certified. As reads in their Facebook description, JKE Services are a ‘high access gutter cleaning & pressure washing service for residential block management companies.’

Seem familiar? This isn’t the first time time our DOFF system has made fast work of a dirty barnacle ridden boat, read more about what DOFF can do for your ‘summertime yacht’ here. ;o)

DOFF Removes Barnacles and cleans boats