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Does your vehicle need a new paint job? Chances are that it doesn’t – but why do we, a stone cleaning and restoration company, ask such a question?

Well, our resident DOFF expert, Phil (star of ‘What Did You DOFF Today?’) has proved yet again the versatility of the steam system by stripping a 1954 Landrover 86” of its green paint.

At full heat (150°C), and with no chemicals – just a pure steam clean – Phil was able to restore it to a near-original state – even cleaning the areas that had been hammerited (such as the cappings) – with the exception of areas where the aluminium had been previously rubbed down with abrasive, specifically on the front wings alloy, which he assumes was resprayed at some point. In the areas where the paint was original, the bare metal was as shiny as it was 62 years ago (and remember, this is a totally non-contacting process, so no scratching of soft aluminium occurs)!

The whole job took a total of three hours and required under 15 litres of diesel to power the DOFF boiler.

Have a look at the gallery below to view four different stages of the clean.

Obviously this was a slightly unusual experiment insomuch that it was old paint on aluminium, and we intend to assess how effective this would be on modern water-based paints on steel.

What on earth compelled us to clean a 1954 Landrover?

Well, it all started with a downpipe which had been heavily painted. We wanted to test several methods of removing this paint to see which resulted in the best outcome.

The first appliance we used was a propane blowlamp, but we quickly suspected that the original coating on the downpipe may be lead-based paint – and therefore potentially toxic when heated – so we abandoned that method. Secondly, we tried an air-powered needle gun, which proved effective at the front, but it was troublesome to get around the back – and it was incredibly noisy! Lastly, it was the DOFF’s turn; it took an hour to go from top to bottom, but was the most effective when it came to accessing every nook and cranny.

Paint softeners may have sped up the job, but we now know this for future reference. Next, Phil cast his eye on the next subject of a paint removal job, and the Landrover fit the bill!

If you would like to share your ‘What Did You DOFF (or TORC) Today?’ – case studies with us, we’d like to check them out! Send them to, and we’ll be sure to publicise them on social media.