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We always like to round up the year with something exciting and here it is – The NEW DOFF® Pole! A carbon composite construction that is light weight, durable, rigid and non-conductive.  The newest edition to the DOFF® Family.

DOFF PoleAfter an increased demand in the market for a telescopic pole system from many new and existing contractors, it was decided by James Diamond the Commercial Director of Stonehealth® Ltd that we needed a reliable product to add to our range of DOFF® accessories.

We are now taking pre-orders for the DOFF pole! Stock expected for January!

RRP £375!*

The DOFF® Pole can reach up to 18ft (5.3m) when fully extended and can still achieve the desirable Superheated 150 degrees at the nozzle end. With the DOFF® Pole our contractors are now able to reach up to two storeys from ground level, this means there’s no need for access equipment or traffic management which can be costly for certain projects. Now who wouldn’t want to save a bit of money?

Included within the price for the DOFF Pole will be a 15m extension hose and a ceramic nozzle so that you can use it straight away. For more information or to register your interest please contact the office on 01453 540600.

*Price is subject to VAT