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This picture was taken just this weekend of the Bristol University Wills Memorial Building. This landmark Neo Gothic building built in the early 1900’s is the third highest structure in Bristol standing at 68m and in 2006 restoration work began on the tower. WR Bedford were awarded the contract to clean the outside of the building and our systems the DOFF and TORC were specified. The gentle swirling Vortex created by the TORC, combined with the low pressure and an inert fine granulate achieved an effective clean removing many years of Carbon Sulphation without damaging the surface of the building, in this case lime stone. The DOFF with it’s superheated water of up to 150° Centigrade, gentle pressure and low volume of water was used to remove biological matter with the added benefit of killing off any spores giving a truly long lasting result. The picture taken this weekend, 6 years after that cleaning took place is a wonderful example.