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Our popular granulates Dolomite and Calcite are now back in stock and available to order.

For the best results, the Unique TORC formula of low pressure and a rotational vortex system needs the correct granulate to ensure performance with efficiency and effectiveness. Stonehealth has gone to considerable lengths to source the best materials that achieve the finest results.   Our granulates differ from those used in other more aggressive systems.

Stonehealth TORC Approved Granulates are considered safer to use than traditional blasting materials  as they contain no free silica or known carcinogens and they are safely disposed of with no hazard to the environment. From a Health & Safety point of view they are considered to be classed as ‘nuisance dusts’.

It is recommended when carrying out tests and trials to have a range of materials available; although one may give an acceptable result, further trials may show that another is more efficient and achieve a better finish.

Be aware that a softer granulate will not necessarily provide a gentler clean; the TORC pressures will have to be increased to compensate for a softer material which could result in more aggressive action on the surface. All TORC granulates need to be angular which results in them being sharper. Imagine a sharp knife which will achieve a better and safer result than a blunt one, where more pressure is required.  The size and Mohs hardness of the various granulates can make a considerable difference.

The two most regularly used granulates are naturally occurring Calcite with a hardness of circa 3 Mohs and Dolomite, that is slightly harder and even sharper.

We also supply the granulate known as 250x and 500x which is a by-product of coal burning power stations that has a Mohs hardness of circa 6.5 and is similar but safer to use than glass. We sell this in two different grain sizes 250 and 500 micron.  The lower the grain size the more delicate and less aggressive it is for sensitive work.

Much depends upon the skill and ability of the Operative and the condition of the machine, this is why Stonehealth has introduced the supervised ‘Rosette Scheme’ so that Specifiers are better assured that their project is in the hands of contractors who are fully trained and are using machines that are regularly serviced including using approved granulates.

To order your granulate or enquire about the Rosette Scheme or if you have any other queries please contact the office on 01453 540600 or email info@stonehealth.com