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There are many systems out on the market which suppliers/contractors claim to achieve the same performance and results as the DOFF® system and often claim to be a DOFF® itself. We would like to enlighten you on how to recognise a legitimate DOFF® contractor and what sets our system apart from alternative equipment on the market.

Recognising the DOFF® is incredibly important, as a client, specifier or architect you need confidence in that the specified method is going to achieve the desired results and in our experience and knowledge there is no other system on the market that can achieve anything close to the genuine Stonehealth® DOFF®.

What sets the DOFF® apart from other systems on the market is the high-calibre build quality and the design by our expert team of Engineers to ensure that the system is achieving the desired 150 degrees C at the nozzle end. This high temperature and low pressure combination allows the operator to achieve unbeatable results that other systems cannot replicate.

How do I recognise a DOFF®?

  1. The name DOFF® and the DOFF® logo – Both registered trademarks to Stonehealth® Ltd, after over 25 years of building the brand and reputation of the system.
  2. The colour – The original DOFF® can be spotted by its large red cover and the DOFF® Integra model can be recognised by its distinctive red frame and steel panels.







It looks like a DOFF® but how can I be sure?

  1. We maintain a list of contractors on their website, accessible to anyone and displays all current contractors looking to receive online referrals.
  2. We also hold a data base of serial numbers for every DOFF® manufactured and released into the market. This allows us to trace the whereabouts of second hand systems.
  3. You can request to see the operatives Rosette ID card. Every Rosette Approved Operative is issued with a Photo ID card from Stonehealth® like this one.
  4. If they are not a Rosette Approved contractor then you can always contact our office to double check.

What is the benefit of becoming a DOFF® Operator?

With 30 years of experience and expertise in the Stone Cleaning Industry Stonehealth® are able to offer unrivalled customer support and advice to our contractors. In this time we have gone the extra mile to develop the DOFF® and its complementing support equipment to ensure that we remain leaders in Superheated cleaning technology.

We do not receive any commission or royalties from our free referral service and we do not carry out any contractual work against our contractors. We are happy to assist with the marketing of the DOFF® cleaning service and encourage photographs and videos of our contractors work so that we can endorse them as the contractor on our social media pages and monthly newsletters.