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Stonehealth, known for introducing the  Jos cleaning system (superseded by TORC) and the Super Heated Water DOFF machine to the Conservation and Restoration Trades are now very pleased to announce that we have developed a new version of DOFF which will be known as the DOFF Integra  and has a number of added features.  The original Standard DOFF will continue and be fully supported as always by Stonehealth.

Over the years, the regularly specified DOFF has been used on many famous, listed historic buildings and gardens of some notable properties. We are proud that Blenheim Palace, Chatsworth House and The Commonwealth War Graves Commission are amongst our many customers who have the systems.

Since the DOFF was introduced 18 years ago, customers have seen the benefits of being able to easily remove paints, bitumen, oil, grease, chewing gum, biological  growth etc from virtually all surfaces, including brick, stone, concrete, tiles (including faience), terracotta, wood, stucco and bronze.

The DOFF system works by using a normal water supply which is then heated up to a genuine 150ºC.  Due to its success DOFF has been copied by others which fail to meet the performance of the genuine DOFF.  Previously paint removal was un-ecological, difficult and time consuming often with the paint residues being left within the stone surface. The system is extremely gentle yet effective with no thermal shock to the substrate which dries out within minutes. DOFF is often specified to remove biological growth as the use of biocides becomes unnecessary and any re-growth takes longer to return.

DOFF can also sterilise kitchens, toilets, wash-rooms, swimming pools, abattoirs, factories, pigeon lofts, farm buildings, drains etc. so it is useful for, not only, the building restoration trades but also for industry, food production, hygiene control, hospitals, work shops and transport & vehicle depots.

The DOFF Integra has undergone lengthy, thorough and exhausting site trials.

Features of the DOFF Integra are:-

It is built as an “all-in-one” system carrying both pump and hoses.  As it has only two wheels it is easy to manoeuvre on site.  There are two additional wheels on the frame for ease of loading into vehicles.

The fuel is housed in a jerry can which can easily be changed when empty (a spare jerry can is also supplied).  The jerry can is carried in a bund within the frame of the DOFF Integra.

Quick changing, self sealing hose connections for both the fuel and water hoses are supplied as standard to avoid leaks.  The replacement full jerry can/tank is easily exchanged with a unique fitting.

The operator can set a desired temperature which, when reached, will flash an amber beacon to show at a glance when the system is ready to commence work and will be immediately noticeable if the temperature (for any reason) drops.   This can also be a warning to others that the machine could be hot to touch.

A thermal dump valve on the pump will eradicate the possibility of thermal shock on the ceramic pistons (pump failure) if it is left running.   This also enables the pump to remain near the source of power in order that lightweight cables can be used from the pump to the hot box (especially helpful with 110 volt machine on site).

The control panel has a resettable fuel filter restriction indicator.

A resettable overload trip on the hotbox

Tamper protected ‘Hours run recorder’

Emergency ‘STOP’ button.

Available in either 110 or 240 volt and 50 or 60 cycles.

Smartwater DNA Identifier theft deterrent.  The DOFF Integra has its unique ID engraved into the integral dashboard and to remove this, a thief would have to destroy the dash and render the machine useless or deface the dash and make it obvious. The machines (pumps and hot boxes) all have an individual ID number which is recorded against the purchaser. This number is displayed on the dash but also marked in a number of other locations known only to Stonehealth.  Apart from being a proven deterrent to criminals, this would also allow the Police to return suspect machines to us and we can ensure that they are repatriated to their rightful owners.

Comprehensive easy to use control panel.

Designed for easy economic servicing.

On the frame there is a spray proof tube containing a rolled up Users Guide