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The Importance of Using the Right Sensitive Stone/Masonry Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to maintaining the heritage of old buildings throughout the UK, it’s important that you’re using and maintaining the right equipment and products. At Stonehealth, we specialise in the manufacturing of sensitive stone cleaning machinery as well as stone and masonry cleaning aids and services including stone repair, a method of matching damaged stone with new, making use of the renowned ‘Stonehealth Stone Repair Powder’

Unlike most modern-day buildings, heritage sites tend to be in a much more vulnerable state due to the age and the various weather conditions it’s faced over the years. Making use of pressure washers, sand and grit blasters on aged stone, brick work or materials is only going to cause damage to the substrate, losing in some cases, precious detail.

Instead, we advocate a much more sensitive but effective clean making use of the DOFF and TORC cleaning systems. These low pressure, high temperature machines are used mostly to clean heritage buildings, listed buildings, and historical buildings without causing the usual damage that pressure cleaners would cause. Due to how effective the DOFF and TORC stone cleaning systems can be, harsh cleaning aids and chemicals, for the most part, are not required.

The DOFF has been designed to effectively remove paint, biological matter, and general dirt or grime. This piece of machinery cleans stonework and masonry using high-temperature steam. So, unlike high-pressure washers that impact the material physically, the steam causes no physical damage to the stonework itself. With low pressure on the surface of the stone or masonry, it doesn’t become too saturated and therefore dries in minutes. This can be helpful for when other restorative work such as painting is being done, and there might be time restraints to the project.

For those sites that have no electricity, contractors may also want to make use of the DOFF Power Unit to provide electricity to the DOFF when needed.

The TORC system features a modulised nozzle to create a gentle swirling vortex. This uses low volumes of water, fine inert granulate, and air to produce a sensitive and efficient method of cleaning masonry. TORC is a piece of machinery that has evolved from its predecessor, the JOS system that was introduced back in the 1980s. The TORC nozzle itself comes in a range of different sizes and types which can be selected for cleaning unwanted matter and dirt in all nooks and crevices. So whether you’re covering big expanses of brickwork or cleaning small, detailed areas, this equipment can certainly help with that.

Both these systems are easy to set up, and we provide educational articles as well as training to make sure our clients are getting the most out of their machinery. If you’re needing a safe and effective way to help with a restoration or cleaning project of older properties and buildings, then our machines can lend a helping hand. With the very latest in technology, both the DOFF and TORC machines can create a final result that brings heritage sites a new lease of life without compromising it in any way.

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