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We may be all about preserving history at Stonehealth but we like to think we’ve got our fingers on the pulse too.   Stonehealth have been invited by a film crew to take part in a documentary on the British Construction Industry.  The documentary is going to be wide ranging and looks at the future of construction in this country.  The themes include the history of British buildings and trying to learn from them how todays new builds will be seen in the future.  It also looks at the importance of preserving our rich and diverse structural history, and how modern methods of stonecleaning are integral to this aim, which is where Stonehealth come in.  Tim Crowe our Product Manager and son of Stonehealth’s founder, Brian Crowe, was on site with the film crew in Manchester where Lambert Walker Conservation and Restoration Ltd, one of the first companies to be awarded the new Stonehealth approved Rosette status,  are carrying out restoration works on grade 1 listed Wilmslow Church.  There has been a church on this site since the 13th Century and in fact some of the restoration is taking place on these ancient parts of the building, the rest is by no means modern and dates back to the early 1500’s.   We chose to use this project for the film not only for the beauty of the old church but the way in which it is being lovingly and sympathetically restored by Lambert Walker using a variety of our products such as the DOFF Recovery System (superheated water system for internal cleaning) and Cleanfilm, our latex paste used for drawing out dirt on internal walls.  The documentary will be aired on Sky in the New Year; we’ve just had a sneak preview and it is looking very professional.  We are really excited that our industry is being showcased in this way on a prime channel.  Watch this space for more information.