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When Stonehealth first started selling the Jos stone cleaning system in the 1980’s the industry was awash with grit blasting, inappropriate chemicals and flooding all in the name of cleaning, yet doing irreparable damage to buildings.  Even today these methods are still being used.  Stonehealth have always had a different approach.

Over the last 25 plus years Stonehealth has made further developments, including the introduction of the TORC system with its gentle swirling vortex which has proved to be even more effective than the Jos was.

Then came the DOFF superheated water & steam system, operating at a genuine 150ºC, that removes most types of paints, bitumen and biological growth, negating the need to use biocides.  Experience has shown that the spores are killed off and re-infestation does not take place, for at least as long if not longer than a biocide treatment.

Stonehealth systems have such a valued reputation with Architects and other Specifiers, that less reputable companies have been known to claim that they have Stonehealth systems or are on Stonehealth’s Approved List of Contractors in order to win contracts.  In order to ensure that only bona-fide contractors are considered and awarded work Stonehealth is introducing a rosette symbol which will confirm that they meet a prescribed standard.

Stonehealth does not receive any royalties or commissions from contractors for referrals.  When providing referrals, Stonehealth has a responsibility for listing only genuine contractors who will carry out work in a way that meets all the Stonehealth Rosette requirements.  In discussion with Architects, other Specifiers and Contractors the company has been encouraged to tighten up the criteria for eligibility onto this List.  The idea of the rosette has been enthusiastically supported in order to outlaw phoney contractors.

The criteria is as follows:  All Operators will be fully trained in the use of Stonehealth equipment and that training will be reviewed every two years.  Contractors will have to use only genuine Stonehealth parts and materials.  Machinery will need to be inspected/serviced by Stonehealth at least once every year.

It is recommended that Architects, other Specifiers and Main Contractors check the Approved List with Stonehealth before a contract is awarded to ensure the authenticity of a Contractor and their Operators.  Stonehealth will be happy to discuss a project or the suitability of a Contractor for a particular project.  Stonehealth can be appointed to carry out trials, feasibility studies and monitor specified work to ensure that standards are maintained.    The Company also carries out CPD’s.

A Company that fails to meet Stonehealth standards is likely to have the rosette removed.  Legal action will be taken against any company that fraudulently claims to have Stonehealth DOFF or TORC systems or the rosette.