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It was a busy day at the Stonehealth Offices on Tuesday when the admin team undertook a day of systems training and we’re not talking computers here.  The ladies donned their boots and gloves for the full DOFF and TORC induction as given to our customers when they purchase a system.  The induction covers everything from how to set up the systems, operation, clear up and how to descale the DOFF.  The inductees practiced with the DOFF on an old teraccotta plant pot covered in biological growth.  The low pressure allowed the delicate pot to be cleaned with no damage and the high temperature steam not only cleans off the growth but kills off any spores meaning it will stay pristine looking for much longer.  To practice with the TORC one of the engineers brought in some car parts that had rusted up, the results speak for themselves.  The trainees had a lot of fun using the systems but there was a serious side to the days events; it’s important to us at Stonehealth that the service our customers receive is second to none and that all of our team are knowledgeable.  If you are interested in purchasing one of our systems, would like a demonstration, have a cleaning or paint removal project, please contact the office on 01453540600 or email  Training for four operatives (as seen in these photos!) is supplied with purchase.