The Problem Solving Matrix

A helpful and easy to follow table that shows which Stonehelath products produce the best results in specific use cases.
The numbers show on the Problem Solving Matrix dictate the best options available to you when assessing each individual ‘problem’. For example, in some cases we have a number of products that will produce results for a single ‘problem’ such as the removal of Noctine stains. In this case, as per the Problem Solving Matrix, the best solution might be Clean-Film as the 1st option, Complexon as the second option and finally the DOFF system as the 3rd option.
ProblemsDOFFTORCClean-FilmPaint-RidFerridCupridCarbridOil-RidNoir WashMasonry WashComplexonAPP-SAPP-HDFaçade SealerSH Stone RepairDRS
Acrylic Paints11
Aluminium Oxide12
Anti-Graffiti Coatings212
Bacterial Protein12
Biological, Algael, Moss, Fungal Matter from masonry and Cement renders1
Biological, Algael, Moss, Fungal Matter from soft (colour through) renders11
Bird Gel12
Bird Vermin/Fouling1
Bitumen (Mastic)11
Bitumen (Oxidised)2
Carbon Pollutions/Sulphations11 (Internal)12 (light pollution)
Cement Residue12
Cementitious Paint12
Chewing Gum1
Copper Staining1
Iron Staining1
Lime Based Paints/Distemper1
Limescale/Calcium Deposits12
Metal Oxides1
Oil Based Paints11
Organic Contamination132
Paint/Graffiti & Ghosting12
Plasticised Paints11
Polyurethane Paints12
Smoke/Soot211 (internal)
Soiling/Dirt/Grime121 (Internal)32
Varnish & Lacquer212
Wax Coatings & Deposits12
Masonry protection21
Sensitive Masonry protection1
Masonry repair (colour matched).1
Internal paint removal1