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DOFF at the window cleaning trade show 2016In September we exhibited at the Window Cleaning Trade Show. Although the day turned out to be a wet one we had a great time meeting new potential clients.

The trade show is held annually and is growing in size each year. The exhibitors cover everything from window cleaning to providing the products and systems for these trades.

Here at Stonehealth we have always historically been placed in the heritage and architect’s arenas. Cleaning and removing biological matter from historic buildings as well as everyday modern houses and flats. However, our systems are so versatile that they can be used by a variety of different trades and particularly in the commercial cleaning sector.

Our DOFF and TORC systems work by safely removing biological matter and other items from the surface of buildings, patios, windows etc. The systems do this without the need for harsh chemicals and biocides, making them perfect for everyday use. Window cleaners and commercial cleaners are today big businesses and professionals in their own right. With many branching out into patio cleaning and currently many are looking at soft wash for rendering. Our systems offer an alternative to the methods currently being used by business owners in this sector.

At the show we met many potential clients and we were able to show them our systems and have a discussion about how our systems would benefit their businesses for a price that would suit their financial background and their future business growth.

The Trade Show was the first event where we displayed our new DPU – DOFF Power Unit. This unit acts like a generator for the DOFF system and will allow contractors to work without direct electricity supply. Look out for our October blog where will be talking about some of these types of jobs.

We provide our clients and contractors with up to date systems and products that not only give fantastic results whilst protecting the fabric of the building but we also provide complimentary training to ensure that all those involved with the systems really do get the best out of them.

We had a wonderful time at the trade show and we now look forward to working with more clients in the commercial cleaning sector.