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The Stonehealth DOFF system is synonymous with cleaning masonry buildings but it is steamy work.  When one of our customers came to us with a large indoor project where water run off would not be acceptable they set us a challenge.  We have in previous years used an attachment of sorts to ‘recover’ the steam.  This attachment was not much more than a small box at the end of a nozzle with a brush head, allowing the steam to be sucked back in and down through a tube to a vacuum unit.  This was not a particularly successful design.  The trigger was heavy and cumbersome, having to be held at arm’s length; an uncomfortable position for more than a few minutes at a time, as well as a health and safety nightmare due to the closeness of the operator to the steam.  The vacuum pulled in, not only the run off but diverted the jet before it had even hit the wall affecting the cleaning results.

Stonehealth has always been proud of the high standards our systems achieve and so a design brief was set:  A recovery unit that works!

Now, thanks to the Stonehealth Research and Development Team it is possible to use your DOFF Superheated Water System inside, even in a small enclosed areas.

Click on the link below to see the new DOFF Recovery System (DRS) in action.


If you would like to have the DOFF Recovery System demonstrated please call the office on 01453 540600 or email on info@stonehealth.com