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Stonehealth Stone Cleaning Company - Year in Review 2015

It’s our first blog post of 2016 and, to begin the year, we felt it would be a nice idea to take a retrospective look at the main highlights from last year – whilst also giving you a glimpse of what to expect from 2016 as we continually expand our operations!

We moved!

Ok, so not very far – we’re still in Dursley – but our new premises at Draycott Business Park has provided us with a lot more room to accommodate a greater range of activities. If you came to visit on 4th December 2015 for our ‘Open Afternoon’, you may have been fortunate enough to have received a guided tour of the building, or maybe inadvertently posed for a photo in front of our automatic camera.

What you saw that evening is a huge transformation of how it appeared when we acquired the premises in March, and we are delighted with the result.

Contractors Page

In 2014, we launched our new website and, in 2015, we added a contractor directory so that visitors can identify the closest stone cleaning and restoration company, and whether they are Rosette-approved for the DOFF or TORC – or both.

The new search facility allows you to narrow down your search using two parameters – postcode and certification – or you can search for a specific contractor. We have already been receiving feedback from users on how it could be improved, so we are putting some changes into effect soon that will improve your experience.

If you haven’t seen it already, head over there now to familiarise yourself!

DOFF & TORC on form

Last year, we tried to upload as many videos and photos of the DOFF & TORC in action as we could, but we couldn’t have uploaded as many as we did without the help of you, so we would like to thank all companies who sent their media content.

Here are a few of our favourite images and videos from 2015.

We want to highlight just how well our systems perform in a number of cleaning and restoration scenarios, and we will continue to do so this year!

TORC Redesign

Talking of the TORC, many of you may already have your hands on the new and improved system! If you are a regular follower of our blog, you will have spotted one around September that talked of a few new additional features.

Based on feedback we had received from contractors, we introduced an electricity-free system which means the user does not have to be reliant on the premises having an onsite mains supply. A combination of an air-powered water pump and air cooler – all in one package – means you can move the TORC about wherever it is required.

Other comments we received were related to the hose size – considered to be too long. The default hose size has now been shortened from 25m to 15m, with the options for extensions.


We took our Stonehealth vans on trips to many events last year, but the most notable of those were the ‘National Self-Build & Renovation Show’ and ‘NAMM Tradex’. This gave us the opportunity to engage directly with our audience whilst demoing our market-leading cleaning equipment and products.

We will be returning to the National Self-Build & Renovation Show, which will be running from Friday, 29th January – Sunday, 31st January. Keep a look out for Stand 24!


Our CPDs were well received by both Architects and Surveyors alike, and we presented a record number in 2015. We are already taking plenty of bookings for this year, including a presentation on behalf of RIBA Canterbury in April and one to the Architecture students at Hull School of Art and Design, along with the Humberside Society of Architects in March.

If you are a RIBA approved architect, our CPD, ‘The Cleaning of Building Masonry’, is accredited for double points.

You can find out more about it here: http://www.ribacpd.com/stonehealth-ltd/15763/overview/#106357

Glimpse of the future

What could this year possibly bring? Well, we’re not going to pin down a specific date just yet, but the website will soon be expanding even further – this time with the facility to purchase equipment and products directly from Stonehealth. You will be able to purchase stone and masonry cleaning essentials with a mere few clicks!

As for any other developments, we will keep you updated throughout the year. Thank you for your continued support, and we wish you well for 2016!