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Stone Repair

Stonehealth provides a natural Stone Repair Powder complete with colour matching service like no other. Repair stone and masonry with a breathable Stone Repair Powder.

Stone Repair Powder by Stonehealth

Stone Repair


When stone and masonry have been physically denatured, Stonehealth Stone Repair Powder is the best available option to rectify the problem without the need for complete replacement of stonework.

‘Complete with a colour match service, our breathable Stone Repair Powder is the second only to mother nature.’ – sound bite for you to use

What is Stone Repair Powder?

The Stonehealth stone repair powder has been specially formulated over 9 years to breathe much in the same way natural stone does. This way the repaired stone doesn’t cause damage to the surrounding stone.

When mixed with the appropriate amount of Stonehealth Stone Repair Liquid the result is a breathable product which works in tandem with the existing masonry.

Many firms prepare “stone repair mortars” bound with resin or cement, but, based on our site experience, this is not appropriate for most buildings due to its hardness and lack of permeability. Stonehealth Stone Repair Powder is a product designed to not encounter the same impermeability problems that these “stone repair mortars” do.

Stone Repair Services by Stonehealth in Dursley
Stone Repair Services by Stonehealth in Dursley

How it


For Stonehealth to produce a colour match, a small sample of the stone should be sent to our headquarters in Dursley.

The Stone Repair team will then produce a sample colour match of the sample provided. If the required colour is not already in our existing database we will produce a unique mix of colour to match. This process is conducted by hand to provide a natural finish.

Once the new sample has been mixed and allowed to harden, we will send to site a sample of the new Stone Repair Powder along with a sample amount of Stone Repair Liquid to mix on site.

If the newly prepared sample is deemed an appropriate colour match by the contractor, Stonehealth can produce larger batches of the new Stone Repair Powder to suit the requirements of the project.

Stone Repair Services by Stonehealth Ltd in Dursley Gloucestershire
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