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Safety Information

Setup and Opperation of the TORC System

Only Stonehealth inducted and authorised operators may use the equipment. A nominated person adjacent, other than the Operator, should be aware of how to safely shut down the system in unforeseen circumstances.

The TORC is a complete stone cleaning system, an evolution of the highly respected Jos system Stonehealth introduced over 20 years ago. TORC creates a gentle swirling vortex using low volumes of water to clean stone and masonry. TORC can be used against a variety of contaminants including carbon sulphation and lime efflorescence. TORC is also especially effective when used against cementitious coatings such as lime and cement-based paints.
Featuring a modulized nozzle, TORC creates a gentle swirling vortex using low volumes of water, fine inert granulate and air to produce a sensitive and efficient method of cleaning masonry. Operators can adjust the amount of granulate expelled using the granulate valve as well as the amount of water used to aid the process.

Setup and use of the TORC system

TORC Quick Setup Guide 01
TORC Quick Setup Guide 02
TORC Quick Setup Guide 03