Safety Information

Setup and Operation of the DOFF Skid Mount

Only Stonehealth inducted and authorised operators may use the equipment. A nominated person adjacent, other than the Operator, should be aware of how to safely shut down the system in unforeseen circumstances.

The DOFF Skid Mount is a combination of the renowned DOFF Integra and the DOFF Power Unit (DPU) combined together in a single high strength tubular frame.
The DOFF Skid Mount has been designed specifically with van/trailer mounting in mind with a mass weight of 210kg. Using Stonehealth’s experience in the industry to bring you a compact and reliable system for mobile masonry cleaning applications. The self-contained, diesel powered DOFF Skid Mount gives the same performance and results as the original DOFF Integra using minimal water and pressure whilst keeping set-up time to an absolute minimum.

Setup and use of the DOFF Skid Mount