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We have a new customer in the Channel Islands – Granite Le Pelley and they have recently been awarded the £300k contract to clean, repair & refurbish St. James Church in St Helier. This is what they told us:

The early 19th century Gothic Revival style church is most notable for the unusual west front with its slim twin towers with foliated pinnacles.

Unfortunately over the last 180 yrs, some of the finer details on these have deteriorated into a dangerous condition. This was established in 2007 when a scaffold was erected for the purposes of inspection but sadly the scaffold has had to remain in place, since then, to protect the public.

Granite Le Pelley will undertake a variety of procedures to refurbish the moulding and render of the building while minimising any detrimental effects on its historical integrity.

To carry out the first stage of the work, GLP has invested in specialist cleaning equipment from Stonehealth: DOFF the superheated water cleaning system and TORC (Gentle airborne abrasive – removing carbon deposit) to enable a complete cleaning of the elevations.

This will be followed by a programme of appropriate repairs tailored to the varying condition of the different architectural elements due to be repaired.

Also included in the contract, are the supply and installation of new concrete precast finals to the tops of the pinnacles.