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The TORC System is a complete stone cleaning system designed and sold exclusively by Stonehealth. It’s an evolution of the Jos system that we first introduced to the market over 20 years ago.

TORC Cleaning System by Stonehealth

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For the gentle removal of carbon sulphation, brittle paints, limescale and much more.

How the TORC Works

The TORC system creates a gentle swirling vortex using a mixture of low air pressure, little water and a safe inert fine granulate.

25L: Approximate water consumption per hour.

The Torc Head is modularised into separate components which results in an efficient and gentle swirling vortex using even less water and granulate than the original Jos system.

The removable nozzle cone can easily be changed so that a larger cone can be used to clean large areas such as ashlar or a smaller nozzle cone can be used for more intricate detail such as an elaborate capital or rustications.

TORC Cleaning System by Stonehealth

Three Stonehealth Approved

Variants of Aggregate

The TORC systems’s most distinctive feature is its revolutionary modulated nozzle, which creates a gentle swirling vortex utilising low volumes of water, fine inert granulate and air.

When in the hands of a competent person the results that are produced are probably the most sensitive and efficient methods of cleaning masonry.



A general reliable all purpose medium for many cleaning projects including the removal of carbon from almost all types of masonry including those with a polished surface. Semi-angular crystallised form of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) from marble sources.

  • Micron size circa 250
  • Mohs Hardness 3.0 – 3.5
  • Colour White

Available in 25kg bags or by the tonne (40x25kgs) per pallet.

Contains less than 1% quartz with no other form of free crystalline silica detected. Also free of all known carcinogens so is safe for the environment and health but consider the occupational exposure limits when dry dust is airborne see M.S.D.S.



An effective and versatile medium processed from naturally occurring calcium magnesium carbonate (CaMg(CO3)2). Particles are angular in shape which makes for ideal carbon removal as well as paint and plaster residues removed from most masonry surfaces but use with care on polished surfaces (particularly marble).

  • Micron size circa 250
  • Mohs hardness 3.5 – 4.0
  • Colour White

Available in 25 kg bags or by tonne pallets (40x25kgs)

Contains less than 1% quartz with no other form of free crystalline silica detected. Free also from all known carcinogens so is safe for the environment and health but consideration should be given to occupational exposure limits with dry airborne dust- see M.S.D.S.



An angular waste material from coal burning power stations available in 4 different grade sizes for the removal of a variety of carbon and other unwanted matter.

  • Micron Sizes available are 80, 180, 250, & 500
  • Mohs Hardness 6.5 (the same for all grade sizes)
  • Colour Brown/Black

Available in 25kg bags & tonne pallets (40x25kgs)

250 is the most used for general removal of heavy/high density carbons, 500 for heavy work such as old paints on robust substrates whereas 80 & 180 are perfect for more sensitive conservation cleaning particularly with smaller nozzles and the Torc Studio System.

Unil is the hardest of the Stonehealth Approved Materials and is free of all known carcinogens and contains no more than 1% free silica so is considered safe for man and the environment although dry airborne particles must be treated as nuisance dusts see M.S.D.S regarding occupational exposure limits.

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