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The DOFF Skid Mount is a combination of the renowned DOFF Integra and the DOFF Power Unit (DPU) combined together in a single high strength tubular frame.

DOFF Skid Mount

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The DOFF Skid Mount has been designed specifically with van/trailer mounting in mind with a mass weight of 210kg.

Using Stonehealth’s experience in the industry to bring you a compact and reliable system for mobile masonry cleaning applications. The self-contained, diesel powered DOFF Skid Mount gives the same performance and results as the original DOFF Integra using minimal water and pressure whilst keeping set-up time to an absolute minimum.

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DOFF Results

How the

DOFF System Works

DOFF cleans stonework and masonry using high-temperature steam.

Whilst the temperature in the system is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very gentle and the volume of water is low. The surface is therefore not saturated and will be dry within minutes.

The superheated water vapor will remove paint, moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores. This means there’s then no need to use a chemical biocide during the removal process or as a protection against further biological activity.

DOFF Skid Mount

With Absolutely

0% Surface Damage

We recommend the DOFF for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiled (glazed and encaustic), wood, faience and terracotta.

The DOFF is also a useful sterilisation tool for kitchens, toilets, swimming pools, hospitals and factories.

Maximum Temperature
Water Dispersed Per Minute
Mass Weight

No Harmful


As the Doff uses super-heated steam, there are no harmful chemicals being used.

After being used outdoors, the debris needs to be separated from the water and disposed of in accordance to local regulations. The water, however, will simply run into the ground to be absorbed back into the earth.


Your Reach

With the Telescopic DOFF Pole, reaching inaccessible areas becomes a lot easier.

Maintaining complete water pressure over a long distance allows you to give those tricky areas as deep of a clean as any other.


View some of the results produced by the DOFF

DOFF Results

DOFF System and

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