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LAVOR Hyper Domus IR

LAVOR Hyper Domus IR

LAVOR Hyper Domus IR

£593.88 inc. VAT

Lavor Hyper Range Simply Stronger
Industrial two motor wet/dry vacuum. Two motor vac with by-pass cooling and stainless steel tank.

2 silenced two stage motor. Suction with by-pass system cooling. S/s tank. Professional closing hooks. Static electric shock inhibitor. Tilting tank. Fully removable tank. Shockproof trolley. Liquid float valve. Cloth filter. 10 m power cable. Easy standing head (during filter cleaning). Cable holder. Traceless wheels.

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Voltage220-240V / 50-60Hz V-Hz
Number of motors / Power (max)2-2000 (2400)
Drepression22 kPa / 2240 mmH2O kPa/mmH2O
Air suction108 l/s
Total volume / Dust78/35/48 l.

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