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When it comes to selecting what systems and which methods will be most effective at removing paint and biological matter from a surface, Stonehealth Ltd is assiduous with our assessment. Before carrying out any large-scale work, we identify an isolated sample area which we can use to determine whether the DOFF® or TORC® system will be best suited to the task.

The reason our systems have been used on many high-profile projects is due to their ability to clean stonework without causing damage to the existing substrate.

What are the cleaning qualities of each system?

The DOFF® requires very little besides a clean water supply. Once connected to the system, the water is transferred through a pump – which regulates the water pressure – before entering a hot-box, where it is heated. The supply is then channelled through 30 metres of hose to reach the nozzle at 150 degree centigrade, and is then applied to the target area.

It is this mix of high temperature and low pressure that makes the DOFF unique amongst other steam systems.

Similarly, the TORC® will produce a natural clean. Having been developed over the past 20 years – developed from the original JOS system – this is a highly advanced cleaning system. Rather than simply using a water supply, the TORC also requires low air pressure, and a safe, inert granulate which is applied to the target surface using a swirling vortex motion.

There are no other alternatives on the market that can produce the same results as either the DOFF or the TORC at these low pressures. Likewise, there are no chemicals that can produce a natural looking clean without simultaneously damaging the substrate.

Which system is best used for each paint type?

There are two forms of paint typically used on buildings and stonework: thermoplastic and cementitious – the former being flexible; the latter is brittle.

Thermoplastic coatings, such as gloss, acrylic, bitumen, oil and plastic-based paints, are best removed with the DOFF. When there are many layers of paint, it may require an application of paint softener prior to the actual cleaning process; less pressure will be required from the DOFF as a result.

Cementitious coatings, such as lime and cement-based paints, carbon sulphation, and lime efflorescence, are best removed with the TORC.

For a more detailed specification of both the DOFF and TORC systems, please click here. Alternatively, or for more technical support and assistance you can contact Stonehealth by email on info@stonehealth.com, or by calling 01453 540 600.