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Bristol City Council organised an event called See No Evil where famous worldwide graffiti artists were invited to transform the dismal & uninviting Nelson Street in the city centre. Parts of this have been filmed by the BBC and this is due to be shown on 14th  May in the BBC1,’One Show’ programme.  Amongst the artists was a character called Moose who has pioneered ‘reverse graffiti’ using basic jet washes for his usual masonry cleaning, however carbon removal was something he had not been able to achieve until Ruth Essex of Bristol City Arts Council put him in touch with Stonehealth as English Heritage recommended the TORC system for the stone cleaning due to the nature of this Listed Building.  He removed thick black carbon using his stencil designs to reveal his pictures.  If you click on the flying bird picture then enlarge it, this image will reveal the sharp edge of the carbon and prove how controllable the TORC is and that no damage was done to the substrate.  This street is totally transformed now and has become a popular tourist attraction to worldwide visitors.   On the final picture you will see the BBC film crew and Phil Tufnell interviewing the artist ‘Moose’