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At Stonehealth, transparency is most important to us. We often have questions asked, or hear of misconceptions, that some have about the products and services we provide.

As a result, we have written up a number of ‘myth-busting’ statements that we hope will provide further clarity – so without further ado, let’s get started:

Stonehealth DO NOT charge to be on the referral list.

That’s right – there are no costs associated with our stone cleaning referral list, nor do we make commission for referring work. The number of work referrals we make is – on average – 500 per year.

Stonehealth DO NOT ‘cherry pick’ lucrative jobs for themselves / favourite customers.

There is no single customer that receives preferential treatment. We refer work based on Rosette accreditation, location, and equipment – to carry out the job.

Stonehealth DO NOT carry out cleaning themselves in competition with customers.

This statement does not require much elaboration; all contracts are carried out solely by Stonehealth customers.

We are frequently asked to carry out trials to decide on the best method of cleaning and we will then provide a list of Stonehealth customers able to carry out the work.

NO other cleaner can be used to do a specified DOFF clean.

The DOFF has been specially designed to provide a thorough steam clean – one that makes it stand out as a market-leading stone and masonry cleaning product. This is why a similar clean cannot be expected from any other steam cleaner on the market.

DOFFs DO NOT cost a lot to run!

Once you have purchased the DOFF – provided the machine is operated correctly – there are no minimal fuel and maintenance costs that follow. As you may already be aware, the DOFF utilises a clean water supply to provide its steam clean. All we recommend is that you have the machine serviced with us annually to ensure it’s performing to its potential.

There is NO other DOFF on the market.

The DOFF machine is exclusive to Stonehealth; any other products claiming to be the DOFF, or possessing the same capabilities, should be viewed with suspicion and avoided.

You can NOT use any old grit in a TORC.

The TORC machine should only be used with a Stonehealth-approved granulate, which is safe and inert and individually specified for the particular job – meaning that no damage is caused to the target surface.

You do NOT have to pay a subscription to be on the Rosette.

Our Rosette inductions are included in the purchase price of a DOFF and/or TORC system; this is to train customers to make the best use of their new equipment. Once we have received testimonials for the operators, customers will be awarded with a Stonehealth Rosette to demonstrate that they have been trained to use our systems.

Our Rosettes are widely recognised in stone and masonry industries and in some cases rosette contractors are specifically requested, once awarded, there is no subscription to maintain this accreditation, but you will need to keep your machine in tip top condition by having it serviced annually.

We do NOT charge for our CPDs

Our CPDs (continuing professional development) are structured to support architects, surveyors and conservation officers and help them understand the best methods for stone and masonry conservation. We have been accredited by RIBA and they think it’s worth double points!

We do not charge anything to participate.

If you have any queries regarding the above – or maybe you have something you would like us to clarify – please contact us at