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Metropex Group Ltd, an approved contractor of the Stonehealth TORC system, was founded in 2004 to carry out specialist works in concrete, brick and stone with associated specialist cleaning and coatings on the London Underground.    They are currently involved in the major station improvements taking place through the Southern Rail Network.  As part of the station refurbishment programme they carried out works using the TORC at both Crystal Palace Station and Forest Hill Station.  At Crystal Palace, a Grade II listed station, they removed the anti-graffiti coating from a wall.

The wall was protected with an elastomeric paint, a latex coating designed for exterior masonry, which was used to protect the wall from graffiti.  This is a permanent sealant which can trap moisture and dirt under the surface of the coating and alter the appearance of the brickwork.  The only way to remove the dirt and return to the natural look of the masonry is to remove the coating.   Over the years there have been a number of inappropriate masonry coatings used on buildings, many of which have resulted in damage to the substrate.  Today a sacrificial sealant which is reversible is generally preferred.  An example of this is Stonehealth B and G Waxes, sacrificial anti-graffiti wax coatings which can be removed using the DOFF superheated water system and will give the same anti-graffiti protection whilst maintaining the natural look of the brickwork.

At Forest Hill Station the TORC was used to great effect in the removal of unsightly graffiti from a wall.

Watch the TORC swirling vortex in action as it safely and effectively removes the grafitti.  It creates a gentle swirling vortex using a mixture of low air pressure, little water and a safe inert fine granulate.

Metropex Ltd use Stonehealth TORC system to remove graffiti from wall at Forest Hill Station

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