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We’ve had great success launching the NEW DOFF Pole,  with the first 10 Poles sold within 48 hours of the announcement via our monthly newsletter! 

The DOFF® Pole can reach up to 18ft (5.3m) when fully extended and can still achieve the desirable Superheated 150 degrees at the nozzle end. It’s ready to use, just attach your short lance and nozzle for the most advantageous angle for cleaning.

To master these desired features our Technical Director Phil Ellis tried and tested various Pole systems before finding the perfect solution… The DOFF Pole!

‘When we started out we thought all of these poles would be much the same. After quite a few hours of testing we soon changed our minds!

 The new DOFF® Pole is the result of our tests and is a combination of the best strength and weight that we could find!’

– Phil Ellis, Head of Research and Development at Stonehealth®


At Stonehealth we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service. So when we excitedly received the first batch of DOFF® Poles, we wanted to ensure the correct quality measures. Phil Ellis carried out a 100% test on every pole to ensure they were performing as expected before going out to the customer.

We are happy that we have selected the best option on the market to complement our market leading DOFF® System. The DOFF® Pole is the only extendable pole system that is approved for use with the DOFF®.

Above, you can see the DOFF® Pole being used by our lucky customer Purple Rhino. 

Purple Rhino now own four DOFF® Integra systems, a DPU and a DOFF® Pole and are brilliant ambassadors of the DOFF® Cleaning Method. They were lucky enough to be one of the first buyers of the DOFF® Pole. Below, you can see a quote Purple Rhino explaining what Stonehealth means to them. Quote-Stonehouse-Purple-Rhino

‘We first chose DOFF® because we liked the name, we keep buying more DOFF® machines because Stonehealth provide us with a PHENOMENAL service, Always.

Our customers love the services we provide for them, and its all down to you guys at Stonehealth. Thank You for Helping us own more DOFF’s than any other exterior building clening company, the new one is called “Bertie” and he joins, Redmond, Steamy & our first one Inferno!’

– Darran Smith, Purple Rhino 

For more information or to register your interest please contact the office on 01453 540600.