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Here at Stonehealth we are continually developing our cleaning systems and products so that they meet our contractor’s requirements and continue to delicately clean historic stonework. The DOFF and TORC systems are used to clean everything from historic buildings to memorials, headstones and even patios.

Up until recently, contractors working in remote areas such as graveyards have found it difficult to complete their work without having to find a suitable power supply to run the systems off. Working in a graveyard not only requires the same amount of sensitivity aimed at the stone work, just as we would expect on a historical building, but also requires a great deal of sensitivity towards the area in general and the members of the public who may be visiting.

DOFF-DPU-WebIn the past, contractors would have had to run cables from a suitable power supply, probably located in the nearest building. This obviously creates additional health and safety worries for our contractors but can also cause disruption and extra stress for all those involved. This is why we have developed the DPU – The DOFF Power Unit.




This power unit acts like a generator providing power to the DOFF system, taking away the need to source an electricity supply. Contractors will now be able to work in more remote places and sites where a poor power supply can be an issue.

stonehealth-imagePhoto Credit to the Victoria Cross Trust who assisted Stonehealth with the on-site testing of the development DPU.

To find out more about our DOFFTORC and the new DOFF POWER UNIT systems or to arrange a demonstration please contact us on 01453 540600.