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One of our Rosette approved contractors for the DOFF and TORC, Relko Group, have recently had a visit from a familiar face whilst working on a restoration project in Wolverhampton.

George Clarke, known as ‘The Restoration Man’, dropped by to speak with a few of Relko’s restoration craftsmen about the progress being made on the restoration of the iconic pump house at the Springfield Brewery site. The 142-year-old building, which has been derelict for many years, has now been purchased by the University of Wolverhampton; it is understood that the pump house will resume operations, but on a smaller scale, and for a different brewing company.

Having spoken with Darren Newland, one of Relko’s directors, it is understood that Mr. Clarke is involved with conservation courses at the university, which explains his interest in this particular project. It is understood that he stayed for 2-3 hours on-site.

Relko were using Stonehealth’s DOFF stone cleaning system to aid with the restoration process, which required a sensitive, historic conservation cleaning approach. As you can see in one of the images, a trial area was used to test how effective the DOFF would be on stonework – and it proved to be a success. In fact, despite there being historic painted signs on the masonry, they managed to remove all pollutants with the DOFF without causing any fading, removal or disfigurement to the historic signage.




As well as cleaning the dirt from the stone and brickwork, the DOFF was used to help strip paint from some of the walls. The paint used on the exterior is thought to have been applied during wartime as part of the ‘blackout’ effort.

As well as viewing some of Relko’s own images above, you can view a video of the Springfield Brewery site above, which has been recorded by the Express and Star News – who have also published their own report on the work which has been carried out.