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Total Clenz is a stand out organisation covering Bath and the local surrounding areas. Specialising in the cleaning, restoration and preservation of stone and brick facades.

Total Clenz External Work

Total Clenz firmly believes in the axiom that phased and sensitive cleaning processes are absolutely essential in the restoration of external facades, regardless of the age of the property but with particular attention to aged structures. Total Clenz is first class in their dedication to their work. They bear witness to and value the DOFF steam cleaning system as a tool not for the hap-hazard but for the steadfast, carefully removing unwanted matter from surfaces while preserving the integrity and history of the structure being worked on.

Rosette standard Total Clenz has invested heavily in the education of their operatives who are able to distinguish between and work with, various types of stone with ease, this has enabled them over time to work on a wide variety of projects. In addition, safety is extremely important to Total Clenz and their operatives utilise the latest in health and safety practices to ensure the welfare of their personnel as well as all relevant stakeholders.

Listed buildings including Victorian and Georgian properties are just some of the projects Total Clenz is proud to have been a part of. Lending their expertise where necessary, utilising low pressure and high temperatures as part of their large arsenal of modern cleaning methods to restore and preserve tainted and soiled building facades and exteriors.

The images and videos on the Total Clenz website speak for themselves. They’re extremely capable of removing organic and inorganic stains of a wide variety with great efficiency. They offer surveys and test trials to prospective clients in order to bring visible evidence before beginning a project. Stonehealth is extremely proud to be associated with an organisation of integrity within the industry and it is our pleasure to nominate Total Clenz as this months ‘contractor of the month’.