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“We Make Buildings Look Brand New” is their slogan and that’s exactly what they do. Stonehealth Rosette approved Purple Rhino have built a tremendous reputation as one of the best within the cleaning industry. An extensive portfolio plays testament to that having completed projects on a huge range of buildings; from hotels, commercial units, warehouses, factories, luxury properties, manor house driveways, and even part of an international airport.

Purple Rhino cover the length and breath of the country using the very best equipment, *shameless plug* - like the DOFF which we are pleased to say they are huge fans of - and the very latest cleaning methods. Their knowledge, extensive, their attention to detail is second to none and their professionalism is of the highest order.

The reputation bestowed upon Purple Rhino is well earned and that is why we have decided to sing their praises as the very first Stonehealth Contractor of the month. The contractors who love and use Stonehealth products are a huge part of who we are and we want to celebrate that fact and bring these wonderful men and women to the fore.

Not only do Purple Rhino know and appreciate the level of skill associated with exterior building cleaning but also have expertise in gutter cleaning, cladding restoration, ceiling cleaning and also offer commercial window cleaning services. In addition they offer a range of services to cover a full range of external building materials which are commonly found on the external walls of a building. Purple Rhino as an organisation always ensure that their work adheres to relevant health and safety legislation safeguarding all relevant stakeholders during cleaning works.

The symbolic Aviva building in York is one of the many significant projects successfully taken on by Purple Rhino and we are exceedingly grateful to the team at Purple Rhino for allowing a member of our marketing department to join them on the undertaking. We were able to witness their work at first hand and were very proud to have been able to cover their project. To the team at Purple Rhino a building is a physical testament to the institution it belongs to, they appreciate the effect a well presented building has on potential clients, visitors and even competitors! Free quotations and expert advice come as standard, the unique name is a bonus and the top-notch service is the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake.