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Stonehealth DOFF Hire / TORC Hire

Having already established the Jos system back in the 1980’s Stonehealth went on to develop and replace this with the TORC system which is excellent at removing lime based and cementitious paints and coatings etc. but would not remove modern thermo-plastic paints.   It was then that Stonehealth developed and introduced the DOFF system into the equation for those considering masonry cleaning and stone cleaning.  Between the two systems practically any type of surface can be cleaned, removing almost any unwanted matter with no risk of damage.

Operators of Stonehealth systems require a full induction to be carried out and this is provided free on purchase of a DOFF or TORC system.   After a period of time the Contractors who have been trained are placed on the Stonehealth Approved List.

When word spread about the new DOFF system and its exceptional results on not only plastic paints but bitumen, biological growth etc. Stonehealth was approached by a Hire Company who wanted to place a very large order.  After consideration it was declined on the assumption that DOFF hire would be provided to untrained contractors resulting in possible safety issues and unnecessary damage to the object being cleaned.  We were not prepared to damage the very principle that Stonehealth was built upon; that is to have traceability of Contractors using the Stonehealth systems and to keep the integrity of the Approved List.

Stonehealth do provide TORC hire and DOFF hire, but only to customers who have already purchased and been trained by us with a full DOFF or TORC induction .  If an Approved Contractor requires a number of extra systems for a relatively short time for a specific project then we are happy to provide DOFF hire or TORC hire.

If the system that is being offered for hire is not a genuine Stonehealth DOFF system or if one has been acquired by a third party then Stonehealth are unable to offer Architects and Specifiers the reassurance usually attached to using “Stonehealth Approved Contractors” i.e.  monitor the work that has been carried out, investigate if the project has not gone to plan or there has been damage during works carried out.

There is only one company that manufactures and markets the DOFF and TORC systems and maintains an Approved List of Contractors entitled to DOFF hire and TORC hire and that is Stonehealth.