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Fort Victoria on the Isle of Wight was built in the 1850’s. It is brick built and was originally for defence of Sconce Point on the Solent.  Although the barracks were demolished in the 1960’s the seaward facing casemates remained and currently form part of the Fort Victoria Country Park.  This photo taken in October 2012 shows the exterior brickwork of the East Wing Casemates being cleaned with one of our DOFF systems with the area to the left of the scaffold still to be worked on.  The DOFF with it’s superheated water  is the perfect system for stone cleaning of this type, where not only years of grime build up need to be removed, but also with the casemates being so close to the sea, any algal growth which may have occurred will be cleared and the high temperatures produced by the DOFF system will  actually kill off any remaining spores preventing regrowth.  The TORC system has also been specified by the Isle of Wight Conservation Board for cleaning the inside of the arches where salt water damage, known as Efflorescence, and calcification  has occurred due to the Fort’s proximity to the sea.  The swirling vortex and the fine granulate used in the TORC system is extremely effective in removing Efflorescence whilst leaving the substrate intact.