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Asked Questions
Can I hire a DOFF or TORC system?

Sure, contractors who own an existing DOFF or Torc can utilise the Stonehealth hire fleet to add to their capabilities. This option is not available to those who don’t own a DOFF/TORC.

Which size transformer should I use with my DOFF?

Stonehealth supply the 6.5KVA transformer required.

I want to remove paint from a facade what do I need?

A question we’re asked frequently, the answer to which largely depends on the type of paint to be removed. Flexible thermoplastic paints are easily tackled using the DOFF Integra. Meanwhile, cementitious or lime-based paints require the TORC

Can Stonehealth provide advice on a specific project?

Yes, we offer support by email or phone for free! Simply send some photos and along with project details to [email protected]. Our response time is generally just a few hours.

How many hoses can we use with the DOFF system?

Up-to 45m (3 hoses) after 45m there is a drop in pressure and temperature.

What fuel can I use in my DOFF?

Diesel, Red Diesel, Kerosene. NEVER, ever use Petrol.

What size generator do I need for my DOFF?

6.5KVA at the required voltage.

What size compressor do I need for my TORC?

125 c.f.m

How often should I descale my DOFF?

This largely depends on the hardness of the water being used. We suggest anywhere between every 8 – 16 hours. When hard water is used one may have to descale more frequently.

What is the difference between the ceramic and a standard DOFF Nozzle

Ceramic nozzles give a slightly sharper edge which is beneficial for paint removal.