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New Stonehealth Logo Clean Look

Changes aplenty have occurred over the past few months at Stonehealth. It’s an exciting time and we are relieved to finally be able to reveal it all to you.

New Branding

If you have visited us on-site or even online recently, you will have noticed that everywhere is awash with our new logos. I guess you could say that, in terms of branding, we have started 2015 with a clean slate. But enough with the puns now.

We are about to launch our new website, that, as well as having a fresh, modern appearance, will enable us to introduce new functions that improve the user experience. We will retain most of the content from the old site, except customers will soon have the ability to purchase items direct online, view a full list of our approved contractors, and view the latest on Stonehealth by visiting our ‘News’ section.

The logos for our unique and pioneering systems, the DOFF and TORC, have been re-worked, and are more symbolic of the processes they use to clean surfaces – this is also the case for CleanFilm. The new Stonehealth logo preserves much of the essence of the previous design. You will now see it adorn the sides of our vans, as well as on our stationery and online.

We would like to thank Nettl of Gloucester for their work on our new branding.

We’re Moving!

Yes, we are waving farewell to our premises at Bowers Court. We still remain in the Dursley area, but the new building will provide much needed space to facilitate our expanding operations. Over the past couple of years our orders have increased two-fold and, whilst the original building is where the foundations of Stonehealth were built, we have now outgrown it and must move on.

We will now hold and have greater control over all our stock, be able to provide mixed pallets to customers, and will have a dedicated service area within our workshop; a new training/demo area and larger meeting room are other key features.

With all that said, we will be moving into the following address as of Friday, 1st May:

Units G4 & G5
Draycott Business Park
GL11 5DQ

Staff Announcement

We have talked branding and moving – now we bring you a staff announcement. Stonehealth Ltd have invited the following staff members to become Directors of the company: Timothy Crowe, Hannah Crowe, James Diamond, and Phil Ellis!

It certainly is a busy time for us right now, but we are still on-hand to pick up all enquiries. If you would like to contact us regarding the cleaning, restoration and/or conservation of stone, please email us at info@stonehealth.com.