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Stone Cleaning at the Aviva Building in York using the DOFF Integra.

Purple Rhino have built an outstanding reputation within the stone cleaning and preservation industry. The highly skilled team lead by Dobromir fully understands and appreciates the importance of a well-presented building exterior and work fastidiously to deliver exceptional results for all their clients.

Recently, Purple Rhino were approached to clean the iconic Aviva building in York. The Aviva building has a long and rich history, built to house increasing staff numbers of what was then the Yorkshire Insurance company several decades ago. It is now a well known and beloved landmark in the city of York.

Stone and Masonry Cleaning at the Aviva Building in York with the DOFF Integra

They chose to tackle the project using the Stonehealth DOFF Integra system due to its unrivalled ability to gently remove a variety of unwanted matter, without causing any damage to this iconic and historic building.

Stonehealth Rosette Approved, Purple Rhino recognise the DOFF Integra as the very best in steam cleaning equipment and note it’s proficiency in phased, sensitive cleaning. Providing a high 150-degree superheated water vapour at a very low-pressure, the DOFF was a natural fit for the project.