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An Introduction to the Stonehealth Stone Repair Service

A breathable powder 9 years in the making, and a colour match service like no other.

Occasionally stone and masonry can become physically denatured – broken and misshapen. The Stonehealth Stone Repair Service comes complete with a unique breathable powder and colour matching allowing contractors to rectify such problems while maintain aesthetic standards.

Stonehealth provide a natural Stone Repair Powder complete with colour matching service like no other.

Stonehealth operates a unique Stone Repair Service, not only do we provide a breathable longer-lasting powder but we also colour match the powder – by hand to exact project specifications, to match the existing stonework/masonry.

As seen in the video one can send in a small sample of stone to Stonehealth, from which an exact colour match is produced. Then a sample mix is produced, once the sample is deemed adequate by the contractor, larger quantities of the newly created mix of Powder can be ordered along with the required Stone Repair Liquid to mix on site.

The stone can then be etched and moulded on-site as required.