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Supplying systems and consultancy to the building conservation and restoration industry for over 30 years.

Who We Are

And What We Do

Stonehealth is a UK based company offering products and consultancy for sensitive stonework restoration and conservation.

Stonehealth was set up by Brian Crowe in the 1980s as a supplier to the building, conservation and restoration trades with ethical and reliable products. One of our first products was the revolutionary JOS system which is now replaced by the more effective TORC system. TORC is hugely effective in removing carbon sulphation, limescale, cementitious and lime-based paints.

We are also responsible for the DOFF system, which removes most paints and other coatings and biological growth without the need to use a biocide.

We supply a wide range of other effective stone cleaning and repair products including ‘safe to use’ chemicals. For example, our Cleanfilm product is used for internal cleaning without the use of water and we also offer stone and brick repair materials and poultices for stain removal.

About Stonehealth Ltd Stone Cleaning
Provider of sensitive and ethical stone cleaning products

Stonehealth Company Mission

To ethically supply reliable systems and products for the conservation and restoration of buildings. To assist and support specifiers and other specialists in the preparation of specifications including carrying out tests and trials with resultant reports.

To maintain and update a list of responsible contractors and the training of operatives into the proper use of systems and products. To be professional, accountable and responsible in all matters, particularly Environmental, Health and Safety and in the care of buildings.

What We Do

Stonehealth Supplying Stone Cleaning Contractors

Supplying Contractors

We support contractors through training in the use of our specialist systems and maintain an approved list of those companies and their operatives who work responsibly.

Stone Cleaning and Restoration Consultancy


We support architects, surveyors, conservation officers and other specifiers with trials, testing, feasibility studies and CPD as well as through our list of approved contractors.

Stonehealth Operates Across the Globe

Global Operations

In addition to the UK and Ireland, we have extended our reach worldwide to; Europe, Australia, Canada, US, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East.

Meet the Team

Brian Crowe of Stonehealth Dursley

Brian Crowe

Executive Chairman

My career commenced in sales and proceeded through marketing, general management to Board level with an international slant with a number of small and large companies operating in the textile, agro chemical and toy industries.

Together with Eileen, we founded Stonehealth in the mid-1980’s since when the Company has influenced the knowledge and attitude of building cleaning with the introduction of innovative products that have been used on many notable buildings both in the UK and overseas.

In recent years there has been a number of personnel changes that have resulted in a much-improved customer-focused team that has moved the Company forward. In considering the future succession of the business some of the key personnel have been appointed Directors.

James Diamond of Stonehealth Ltd Dursley

James Diamond

Managing Director
More About James

I’ve been with Stonehealth now since 2011, I have a solid grounding in Engineering and joined Stonehealth from a large National Plant Hire firm.

I joined Stonehealth as Workshop Manager I found a company that was as keen to excel as I am. Now with several hundred Trials and Demonstrations completed and more by the day, I have a good understanding of the product and how best to satisfy our customer’s needs. With the support and expertise of Stonehealth and now an excellent product range to work with the rest as they say – is history.

This motivation has empowered us as a team and now with the opening of our new premises, we are a long way to fulfilling the vision which I have promised myself.

Tim Crowe of Stonehealth Dursley

Tim Crowe

Product Manager
More About Tim

When I left school, rather than join the family business I decided to make my own way and spent 20 years working successfully as a chef in a variety of restaurants in England and Australia.

I decided a change was needed and started working alongside a traditional builder utilising TORC and DOFF systems from Stonehealth to carry out cleaning contracts. 10 years ago I decided to join the company.

I have become specialised in the use of poultices and consulting on the best way to remove unwanted matter from various surfaces. I have developed a CPD for Architects which has been approved by RIBA. I have seen the business grow from a small enterprise to one of the leading names in the stone cleaning industry and feel very proud to be a part of it.

Eileen Crowe of Stonehealth Dursley

Eileen Crowe

1943 – 2020
More About Eileen

Eileen was a pivotal member of the Stonehealth team since the company’s inception in the 1980’s and up until her untimely passing in December 2020, Eileen was dedicated and devoted to the company’s success.

It is a tremendous loss to her husband Brian, their family and the whole team at Stonehealth, on the 1st December 2020 Eileen, unfortunately, lost her brave battle to pancreatic cancer.

Eileen remains, and always will be, an indispensable part of the Stonehealth team.

Phil Ellis of Stonehealth Dursley

Phil Ellis

Technical Director
More About Phil

I’ve been with Stonehealth now since 2009, I am an experienced and practical engineer working within Engineering since 1973, I have worked for small family firms to huge multinationals, the civil service, education and as a self-employed consultant.

I am hungry for practical perfection and use my skills to both improve and refine existing equipment whilst continually working towards new and groundbreaking designs to keep Stonehealth at the very top of our game.

The confidence and freedom which Stonehealth have granted me, coupled with the backing and encouragement the company has invested in me, have allowed many new and exciting possibilities to become a reality!