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Architects and Specifiers have used Stone Health Approved contractors for decades.  To improve and maintain the integrity of the list we have been encouraged by Architects, Specifiers and Contractors alike to tighten up the requirements for achieving the standard, now to be known as ‘The Rosette’

Contractors who hold the Rosette can rest assured that they will continue to receive referrals for work free of charge as long as genuine Stonehealth systems, products and trained operatives are used. Specifiers and Architects can feel confident in the knowledge that contractors referred to a job are using only the best equipment and operatives for the task at hand again with no commission charged for the referral.

If you wish to be a part of this highly regarded standard and you have not received your registration form please contact the office on 01453 540600 or email info@stonehealth.com.  Each Operator will receive a valid Stonehealth Identity Card with an expiry date. This card will remain the property of Stonehealth and can be cancelled and withdrawn, should circumstances dictate.